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A picture of the future

It’s an exciting time of year. The count down to 2020 has begun and we are excited about what lies ahead. Your life is not just a collection of a random series of event but it has a unique design attached to it. There is purpose for your life and there is a valuable reason why you exist. One of the biggest challenges in life is actualizing this purpose. No worries, because as always we are here to help.


Conditioned To Complain

It seems as though we live in a society where complaining is the norm.  You can say, “it’s a nice day” and someone will respond, “no, it’s going to rain later.”  Why can’t we just enjoy the day no matter if the sun is shining or if it rains.  Complaining has become a part of our regular conversations.  It like a pre-programmed app in some people’s personality.  They complain about their weight, health, job, children, spouse, home, car and the list goes on.  Complaining is a deadly poison.  It kills all the life in finding the beauty in anything. If you complain you poison everything around you.  Complaining keeps your mind trapped in the negative and you cannot see anything positive even if it is right in front on your face.  Continue Reading