Should I Trademark my Blog Name?

I worked for a local Intellectual Property attorney as a Trademark Paralegal.  I handled the trademark renewals for one of the big 3 auto makers. This auto company has hundreds of Trademarks all over the world.  They had Trademarks in places I didn’t even know existed. Some places where so small I thought why would they have to have to register a Trademark there. Any place they did business they wanted their name, logos, and marks protects.  Even in some of those places I considered to be remote people still would attempt to infringe on this company’s Trademark.  

By simple definition a trademark is a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product

In my humble opinion, it depends on how much you value your work.  Bloggers can face the same legal problems as people who publish printed works. If you invest a lot of time and resources developing your unique, original, and valuable information why not safe guard it.  With a trademark you have legal ownership of your brand.  Who knows how big your brand will grow? You don’t want to invest so much time into building a brand for a bigger fish to swallow it all up. Please don’t think that a larger company will not surf the Internet and infringe upon your ideas and not pay you a dime.

To answer the question should you trademark your blog name can be answered like all legal questions. It depends

·         Things to consider before applying for a Trademark:

·         Can readers find the information you provide somewhere else?

·         Is blog is connected to your business/brand- a product or service?

·         Do you have a large audience/readers/subscriber list that regularly visit your blog for the information you provide?

·         Are you going to monetize your blog- sponsored post, product reviews?

·         Do you want to build a strong unique brand?

Every Blog doesn’t require a trademark. Reconsider getting a trademark if

·         If your blog is for personal use only

·         Your blog is closely related to a brand that is already Trademark protected

·         Your message is not your own meaning you repurpose the works of others

·         You haven’t started your blog yet

·         You’re not planning to use your blog for business purpose

There are several benefits that come with getting a trademark. You should seek legal counsel regarding filing for a Trademark. Before filing you should decide what format you are going to file under; a name, logo or sound. Determine the class you will file under. Be sure a trademark search is performed before you any paperwork is filed.  You don’t want to send money applying to file a mark that is already in use.

These are just a few tips consulting with a licensed Intellectual property or trademark attorney will give you the full scope of this process.


Happy Blogging!!!


  • LL

    August 2, 2017

    In my opinion, it is a wise business move to consider. It could possibly provide a buffer to “monetary thieves”, who prefer to steal other people’s intellectual property, rather than create from their own abilities. Trademarking a business name, expands a business owner’s right to monetize their brand through other ventures.

    • Mom-tacular

      August 4, 2017

      Yes, I agree. I believe any blogger who has put in time and energy to build their blog should definitely protect it.

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