Pantry Organization

I really enjoy all things organizing. I love coming into a space and seeing things put together well. So, recently I decided to reorganize my pantry.  My pantry houses our dry goods and vitamins.  My challenge was finding the right mix of organizers to use for a small space.  I really like the way it turned out. We hope you find some helpful tips in todays post. 

First, I took everything out of the pantry.

Everything went onto the kitchen counters.  I went through the items to see if there was any expired food to throw out.  The nice thing about clearing everything out is you find items you forgot you had.  The number one rule in grocery shopping 101 is to shop you cabinets first. If you have 3 boxes of the same pasta there’s no need to buy another one on your next grocery shopping trip.  Also you can put items in date order, what expires first should be used next.  Keep a pen and paper handy, you can also jot down a few meal ideas.

Next, I wiped the shelves out with a cleaning rag and a Murphy Oil Soap mix. I also cleaned out the organizing bins.

Finally, I put the items back into the pantry, grouping like items together. I use spice racks for the vitamins, mostly Oxo containers for dry food, mesh drawers for snacks, plastic bins for packaged food and a wooden crate for big boxes and jars.

Happy Homemaking!