Vegetarian Chili Fries

It’s Fall, it’s Friday night and you want something hearty for dinner. Well we are here to help! While trying to figure out what to do with some leftover Vegan chili I made, an idea pop in my head to make chili fries.  My family really enjoy these so I make them as often as they allow me to. Give this recipe a try and let us know what you think.  As always make whatever changes needed to make this a go to dish in your home. Continue Reading


Crock Pot Herb Turkey Legs

I don’t cook a whole turkey for the holidays.  I usually get a turkey breast, turkey wings or turkey legs.  My family wouldn’t finish a whole turkey so the turkey legs I buy is just enough for them to eat.  What I really like about this Continue Reading


Stir Fry Collard Greens

The holidays are coming upon us fast and this is a time we celebrate with family and friends. One of my favorite holiday dishes  I like to adorn my dinner table with is Collard Greens. Growing up we had collard greens the down home way.  The pot was filled with water, seasonings, hamhocks, salt pork or smoked turkey. The greens would be added once the water came to a boil. The greens cooked for about 40 minutes or until tender. You had the option to dress your collard greens with onions, tomatoes or hot peppers. We would also add a dash of white distilled vinegar and some hot sauce, yum! I love the holidays, no one counts how many times you go back for seconds, LOL!!! Continue Reading


Girl Friends!

I recently found out one of the major issues facing tween and teen girls today is feeling lonely.  Yes, even in this social media world they feel as if they don’t have a good friend.  They feel they don’t have a friend who would be there for them if they really needed someone. Some of our girls have not been able to make quality connections. Real connections have been replaced with “like,” “shares” and emojis on social media. Someone liking their post and Continue Reading

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Happy Fall Ya’ll

It’s pumpkin picking, cider drinking, leaf pile jumping season!

Fall is my favorite time of year hands down. Fall starts the count down to so many wonderful events. The cider mills are open for business, schools take field trips to apple orchards, you can now legally buy cider and donuts.  The official count down to Thanksgiving begins and football season ramps up.  I love it when the deciduous trees shed Continue Reading

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Back-To-School Prep

It’s a very busy time of year for most parents.  It’s time for our beloved little ones and older ones to return to school. This doesn’t have to be a time filled with frustration.   Adding a few stations to your home organization can help your family live stress free for the entire school year. Continue Reading


Should I Trademark my Blog Name?

I worked for a local Intellectual Property attorney as a Trademark Paralegal.  I handled the trademark renewals for one of the big 3 auto makers. This auto company has hundreds of Trademarks all over the world.  They had Trademarks in places I didn’t even know existed. Some places where so small I thought why would they have to have to register a Trademark there. Any place they did business they wanted their name, logos, and marks protects.  Even in some of those places I considered to be remote people still would attempt to infringe on this company’s Trademark.   Continue Reading


Conditioned To Complain

It seems as though we live in a society where complaining is the norm.  You can say, “it’s a nice day” and someone will respond, “no, it’s going to rain later.”  Why can’t we just enjoy the day no matter if the sun is shining or if it rains.  Complaining has become a part of our regular conversations.  It like a pre-programmed app in some people’s personality.  They complain about their weight, health, job, children, spouse, home, car and the list goes on.  Complaining is a deadly poison.  It kills all the life in finding the beauty in anything. If you complain you poison everything around you.  Complaining keeps your mind trapped in the negative and you cannot see anything positive even if it is right in front on your face.  Continue Reading