Moms’ Have Dreams Too!

WOW!! What a difference a few days can make. Two weeks ago everything was seemly fine and then the very next week our nation begin shutting down and closing up to curve worldwide pandemic. Our schools, stores and restaurants are closing and the kids far and near are home. We are under quarantine orders by our federal, state and local government. We are all now officially homeschooling parents.

Fear, pressure and anxiety is running high for most people to say the least. Grocery store shelves have been cleared of essential items, gas prices are extremely low and most people are waiting on the next Presidential address.

On our Mom-tacular Facebook page we have been discussing schedules and plans for our children to keep their skills sharp and up to par until the schools re-open.

Mom, how are you coping? In our home we have found peace in God’s promises to never leave nor forsake us. This peace didn’t come overnight and in the midst of this pandemic. This peace has resulted from living a life connected to God. We stay connected to God through prayer, praise, bible study and church attendance. Needless to say our faith is helping us through this time.

Why talk about dreams now? Dreams are always worth talking about even in tumultuous times. Think of it this way you now have time to do what you said you didn’t have time to do before. From a historical perspective victory comes after the tide settles. Your dream can still live through and during a crisis.

Download your free digital worksheet of “Visions, Dreams, Plans & Goals” answer the questions and write out your what’s next, so even in crisis times you can still live the vision!

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