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Happy Fall Ya’ll

It’s pumpkin picking, cider drinking, leaf pile jumping season!

Fall is my favorite time of year hands down. Fall starts the count down to so many wonderful events. The cider mills are open for business, schools take field trips to apple orchards, you can now legally buy cider and donuts.  The official count down to Thanksgiving begins and football season ramps up.  I love it when the deciduous trees shed their leaves and leave us with beautiful walking paths styled by color. The morning air is crisp and cool. Go ahead and put on your favorite sweater shirt, grab some cider and read today post.

Why decorate for a new season? Changing some of your home décor is a nice way to give your living space a mini make over. It’s a nice way to freshen up spaces and add a pop of personality for a new season. Changing your home décor can also change the mood and feel of your home.

When Fall arrives it’s time to put away our summer clothing to make room for the sweaters.  Boots replace sandals, long sleeves shirts replace sleeveless shirts and jeans replace shorts.  I also give the house a little Fall spruce up with my fall decor. I enjoy decorating for Fall much more than the Christmas season.  I know sounds crazy, right!  As crazy as it may sound I truly enjoy decorating for Fall more.

I start with my table scape for my round glass kitchen table. I retrieve all my décor from my storage area under the stairs and haul it all upstairs.

After cleaning the table with some glass cleaner I place the table runner down first and build my table scape from there. Nothing says fall like leaves so I chose a table runner that gave me my favorite fall element.

Next, I add the place settings. Oh how I love these sunflower napkin ring holders I made. I purchased the sunflowers, leaves, and napkins from Pier 1.

The crowning element of my creation is the center piece. The center piece base and flowers I purchased from Micheals.  Around the center piece I add a few extras: gold pumpkins, candles and some acorns.

I keep my Fall décor out until around December 1st or somewhere around then.   I don’t care that they now sell Christmas décor in July I take my time and enjoy my family and décor in every season.


I added a little sneak peek of our family room mantle.  I put a little fall touches in any room I can with over whelming the space or my husband.

There are many different seasons that come our way in life but whatever season you’re in I pray you find some happiness.  Happy Fall Ya’ll!!!

From the Mom-tacular family !




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