Girls With Goals!

Today’s world seeks to lead our young girls down winding roads that can lead to death if they are not mindful. It is not enough to be cute. The standards of beauty changes according to the worlds standards. We must teach our girls a different narrative. We must encourage them to focus on something that deeper than selfies, likes, and hearts. We should be equipping our girls to go for their goals. They should start planning now for a bright future. Let’s support, encourage and motivate our girls to go for more!

Our “Girls with Goals” planner is one of our best products yet. It addresses friendships, why it’s important to be a good team player at home, why dating can wait, and so much more. This is a must have for the tween and teen girls that you love. This planner is great for a girls bible study, a girls self-love group, or a girls book club. We would love for this planner to be used in these settings, e-mail us at momspectacular@gmail.com for multiple license use. The list price for single use.

  • This is a digital product
  • No physical product will be sent
  • PDF format
  • 8×11.5 page size
  • No refunds once payment has been processed
  • No returns or exchanges
  • File can be printed in Black and white or color
  • Color may vary based on computer system
  • This is a single personal use purchase
  • The purchase of this product does not imply any duplication or commercial use
  • The digital link cannot be shared, transferred or hosted on any other websites
  • None of the content (written or images) in this manual can be used or duplicated without the written permission of Mom-tacular.
  • For multi-purpose use please contact us @ momspectacular@gmail.com
  • If you have any questions please contact us at: momspectacular@gmail.com
  • $45

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