Date Night At Home

Strapped for cash but you still have to continue to make investments in your marriage.  Let’s plan a date night for at home.  To make this date night at home a success and by success I mean the evening ends on a high note if you know what I mean, it is going to take a little planning!!!!   Yes, you are going to have to put a little time into planning the night for things to run smoothly.

With that being said, start planning the week before so you can get all the things done you have to do, this will free and allow you to be totally focused on the evening.

Let’s start out deciding what your going to wear.  You may to add a trip to Victoria Secret to your To-Do list.  Do you need to get a manicure or pedicure so you will feel and look your best?  May sure you have his favorite perfume on hand to add the right spice to the night. 

What’s your theme, I know you’re thinking can we just put the kids to bed and go to sleep early.  No, no, no look at this time as a chance to rekindle the flames that may have gone dim amid all the cares and responsibilities of life.  Having a theme for this night will get your creativity juices flowing.  It can be a romantic night in Paris, bubble bath, whipped cream and roses and chocolate covered strawberries with some extra chocolate that you can use for later, kisses and cuddles (spending some time cuddling and seeing how long you can kiss), if you chose to have a theme make it fun.  After you have set a date, chosen a theme now it time to gather your supplies.

Why having supplies is important.  You want to set an atmosphere that is romantic and inviting to your husband.  Just because you guys won’t be leaving the house that doesn’t mean things can’t be done with love and class.  So, change the bed linens for your date night, spray them with your spouses favorite fragrance.  While you are getting things prepared send your spouse a text to let him know you are thinking of him and you are looking forward to seeing them tonight.  After, the bed linens have been changed, spread some rose pedals arounds, these can be real from the floral shop, often times they have bundle of single pedals you can buy for cheap, or just grab some from your local craft or dollar store.  Candles can top the atmosphere off just right.  Candles add the right amount of romantic lighting.   

When choosing an area in your home for your date night it should be some place that you can make private.  The family room may not be the best place if the kids are going to be home and can walk right in on your action and we don’t want that.  No interruptions!!!

Menu, you can cook something nice and simple yourself, have it catered, or pick something up. Or you can cook something together as a part of the date night fun. 

If a bath is in your plans for the night run the bath water just before you are expected to get in so the temperature stays right. Have fresh towels near for drying off or not. You can have your favorite sparkling apple cider chilling in an ice cooler, two wine glasses corralled on a nice tray sitting in a place that’s easy to reach from the tub.   You can also just use the bath filled with bubble, rose pedals and lined with candles for more ambiance.

Music is an added extra that can help keep the mood just right.  Chose something that’s nice, soft and romantic. 

If you don’t have a theme just make sure you’re freshly showered, groomed hair, fresh breath and oiled skin. 

Next, it’s time to create an atmosphere that is relaxing, fresh and clean.  Let’s tidy up the house, this is not the time to start a huge decluttering project.  We are not talking Marie Kondo here just hit the highlights and call it good.

If you have children, you want to know in advance what they have going on.  What their homework schedule is like so you will not have your plans side tracked by a ton of homework or a last minute project.  Also look at any sports schedules or extracurricular activities, I mean don’t plan your romantic date night on the evening of your sons basketball regional championship game, or the night of the Chess Masters, or your daughter is getting her black belt in karate class. 

Be sure to check your husbands schedule to make sure he doesn’t have plans that cannot be changed.  You want to let him know in advance that you are planning something special to give him something to look forward to. 

O.K. let’s establish some ground rules for this night.  This is a romantic date night, so we have romance on our minds.  Our goal here is to keep the spark, the flare and the fire between husband and wife a blaze.  What this night is not about is discussing family problems, issues, what happened at work today, the water heater broke, or any other drama that all can wait until tomorrow. 

Tonight the children go to bed early so you won’t be too tired to enjoy your night.  So start early set a time and stick to it.  Children will make up every excuses but tonight we are taking no prisoners.  Everybody in bed by whatever time you set, teeth brushed, faces washed, p.j.s. on, prayers said, favorite stuffed animal tucked in with them, kiss on the forehead and goodnight sweetie!

Just because we’re Moms doesn’t mean romance is a thing of the past.  We don’t want to be so Mom-tacular that we’re not keeping the flame of romance ablaze in our marriages.  We have to be just as intentional about our marriages as we do our motherhood.  Many Blessings!