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Ready For Reset

There are times in our lives when we wish there was a “do over” button. It could be in our relationships, in our parenting, in our finances, in our businesses or in our jobs. We just want a chance to start over. Well, I have not be able to find a “do over” button to eraser the past. However, we can reset ourselves. The best way I’ve found to reset myself is in prayer.

Prayer helps to reset my mind and my focus. Prayer helps me not to give all of my energy and strength to the problem but to the promises of God. During prayer scriptures come to mind reminding me of what God’s Word says about any and every situation that comes my way.

Prayer is powerful!!! I can pray and empty out my heart before God. I can release life’s heavy burdens in prayer. I can simply talk to God when I can’t talk to anyone else. I can tell God about my mistakes, sins, faults and the times I feel like I am winning. I can sit quietly in prayer and wait for God to give me direction. Prayer is a wonderful gift from God.

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“Self Care Is Not Selfish”

Motherhood is looked at as a life of sacrifice. The more you give the more you’re looked upon as a super mom. The mother who selflessly serves her family with everything she has is the envy of the PTA groups.  I know you have heard the saying, “you cannot pour from an empty cup,” before.  For some mothers the cup has been empty for a long time and they keep going.   Being burned out and stressed out can make our lives as mom a huge burden.   Being a mother is one of the most precious gifts that this life can offer.  We are agents of God helping to mold our little ones into vessels fit for the Master’s (God’s) use. There is no special reward for you being run down, fatigued and sick. Continue Reading