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15 FREE (or pretty close) activities for your Kids this Summer!!!

Summer break is here!!! I know you can’t wait to hear your child(ren) say, “I’m bored,” and let’s face it even though we knew summer beak was coming we have nothing really planned for them to do.  We keep telling ourselves they have been in school all year so we should let them just take a break. That’s nice but, they are going to be coming to you looking for things to do.  We have put together a few FREE tips to help you get through the dreaded “I’m bored,” phase of summer vacation. We hope these help! Leave us a comment to let us know what you plan on trying out. Continue Reading


Budget Friendly Birthday Parties (Ages 3-6)

I am not against having birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese and the likes.  I have had so many parties at Chuck E Cheese that they should give me a franchise.  I have had the ones where you rent a table in the showroom area and I have also had the ones where you go early grab a few tables and tell everyone the party starts at 2pm. I like these kinds of party because all you do is pay, show up, play and go home, no clean up.


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