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Girl Friends!

I recently found out one of the major issues facing tween and teen girls today is feeling lonely.  Yes, even in this social media world they feel as if they don’t have a good friend.  They feel they don’t have a friend who would be there for them if they really needed someone. Some of our girls have not been able to make quality connections. Real connections have been replaced with “like,” “shares” and emojis on social media. Someone liking their post and Continue Reading

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Happy Fall Ya’ll

It’s pumpkin picking, cider drinking, leaf pile jumping season!

Fall is my favorite time of year hands down. Fall starts the count down to so many wonderful events. The cider mills are open for business, schools take field trips to apple orchards, you can now legally buy cider and donuts.  The official count down to Thanksgiving begins and football season ramps up.  I love it when the deciduous trees shed Continue Reading

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Back-To-School Prep

It’s a very busy time of year for most parents.  It’s time for our beloved little ones and older ones to return to school. This doesn’t have to be a time filled with frustration.   Adding a few stations to your home organization can help your family live stress free for the entire school year. Continue Reading


Conditioned To Complain

It seems as though we live in a society where complaining is the norm.  You can say, “it’s a nice day” and someone will respond, “no, it’s going to rain later.”  Why can’t we just enjoy the day no matter if the sun is shining or if it rains.  Complaining has become a part of our regular conversations.  It like a pre-programmed app in some people’s personality.  They complain about their weight, health, job, children, spouse, home, car and the list goes on.  Complaining is a deadly poison.  It kills all the life in finding the beauty in anything. If you complain you poison everything around you.  Complaining keeps your mind trapped in the negative and you cannot see anything positive even if it is right in front on your face.  Continue Reading


Father’s Day Prayer

Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for my dad.  I thank you for all that he is to me and our family. I ask that you continue to bless him and keep him.  I ask that you strengthen him because being a leader is not an easy task.  I ask that you give him wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of You and what you have called him to do.  I ask that you encourage him when he is down. Help him to see and know how valuable he is to all who love him.  I pray that you order his steps, don’t let the hand of the enemy prevail against him, hedge him in and protect him.  I ask that you favor him in his business or employment, allow him to always be paid well for the work he does.  I declare that my father is a Psalm 1 man, a man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. I pray that he will delight himself in your word and that he will meditate on your Word day and night.  Let him be like a tree planted the rivers of waters. Let him find himself planted in your Word.  You made him and you know him if there is anything in his life that needs to be corrected, I ask that you reveal it to him and help him walk in your way.  Amen!!

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Summer Sanity Fun!

Tag parents you’re it!! The school year is coming to a rapid close.  The teachers are putting in final grades. The school halls are being professionally cleaned and students are cleaning out their lockers.  Another school year has come to a close. What are you going to do with your kiddos over the next several week? We have put together a few ideas to help you get off to a good start. Happy Summer Vacation!!!!

16 Things summer activities for $5 to stay sane over summer vacation.

#1 Play Doh or Soy-yer Dough

Play Doh in my house is a gift from God.  Is it messy you ask? Yes! But, Play Doh gets me hours of time when my children are building, “cooking”, making people, making animals and just using their imagination to create and guess what they are not fighting. So, yes 10 containers of Play-Doh please.  I purchase them from the Dollar Tree.

If your child has issues with wheat or gluten there is a product on the market called Soy-Yer Dough that is wheat and gluten free. Check out their website for pricing and more information or to order Continue Reading

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15 FREE (or pretty close) activities for your Kids this Summer!!!

Summer break is here!!! I know you can’t wait to hear your child(ren) say, “I’m bored,” and let’s face it even though we knew summer beak was coming we have nothing really planned for them to do.  We keep telling ourselves they have been in school all year so we should let them just take a break. That’s nice but, they are going to be coming to you looking for things to do.  We have put together a few FREE tips to help you get through the dreaded “I’m bored,” phase of summer vacation. We hope these help! Leave us a comment to let us know what you plan on trying out. Continue Reading


Stop Over Sharing on Social Media

Social Media safety is not just for Snap Chat crazed teens. Parents need to put some Social Media boundaries in place also.  I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while. There are some great Social Media content makers out there. I love watching the video’s, reading the stories and looking at the pictures. But there have been times when I think the person is oversharing.  This may only apply to people who have a lot of subscribers or followers, yet is very post worthy. Continue Reading