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Back-To-School Prep

It’s a very busy time of year for most parents.  It’s time for our beloved little ones and older ones to return to school. This doesn’t have to be a time filled with frustration.   Adding a few stations to your home organization can help your family live stress free for the entire school year.

We start our mornings off with the basics, wake up and wash up. Then the girls roll out of bed, head to the bathroom to wash and brush.  Then they make their beds, get dressed, lotion up and come down for breakfast. Before breakfast they have to have morning prayer.  We have instructed our children to start their day off with prayer.  They start the prayer off giving God thanks for all He has done.  They go on to pray for their school day, their teachers, the school staff and families. I just oversee the prayer they have to use their own words.


Most mornings I will do a prayer check to see who has said their prayers before coming down stairs.  If they said their prayers in their rooms the get dressed next.  Having their clothes organized and ready to go in the morning has been a big stress reliever.  After the laundry is done they are responsible for putting their clothes away and that includes putting their school clothes in the baskets under their bed separated by the days of the weeks. I love this system.  This can be good for little ones to help teach them the days of the week.


After prayers are said and they are dressed it’s time for breakfast.  We have a basic breakfast rotation.  Our breakfast can be a oatmeal bowl, breakfast sandwich, turkey bacon, eggs w/toast, spelt blueberry pancakes or waffles.  Nothing fancy just short, sweet and to the point. After breakfast it’s time to pack their lunch boxes.


They take their lunch to school most days.  I keep a copy of the school lunch calendar posted inside the kitchen cabinet.  I do this because on certain days they buy lunch, but this also comes in handy for me because sometimes I duplicate in their home lunch what the school is having.  I also remind myself when I think to myself, “I keep packing the same things for lunch,” I glance at the school calendar and see they have the same lunches all year long just in a different rotation.  To make lunch packing easy for me I have a lunch packing station set up with all the things I need to pack their lunch. Lunch boxes, water bottles, silicone cupcake liners (I use these to make my own “Bento” boxes) plastic ware and thermoses.



This is how I use the cupcakes liners. I place them inside of a Glade food storage container and fill them with fruit, crackers, carrots, sugar snap peas, a cookie or whatever we have on hand to make a happy lunch. Next, it’s time to pack their backpacks.

The girls put their homework folders, water bottles and snacks in their bags before we head out the door to a great day of learning.  To create my backpack station I used a half wall in the hallway.  I purchased some hooks put them on with command strips and got the letters from Michaels. The backpacks live here most of the time, unless they’re too heavy and the fall on the floor.  They come home with school with all these lovely papers that I have to put away in the paper station.

If you’re like me you love all the paperwork that comes home from school on a daily basis.  O.K., I’m kidding I don’t look forward to it.   When they get home they have to empty their backpacks and pull out all their papers.  I give the papers a quick glance and see what I can toss right away and what I have to take a closer look at later.  For the papers I need to look at later or that drawing they refuse to part with at the moment I have a simple paper station set to put them in.  Three colorful bins purchased from Target.  They each are assigned a color and a folder and the paperwork go inside their bin.


This pretty much sums up our school routine.  Happy back to school and our prayer is that you and your family will have a fantastic school year.


I keep an extra backpack in my vehicle with extra school supplies in the event we have an appointment after school.  This backpack when stocked properly has everything they need to complete homework assignments like, crayons, pencils, erasers and paper.  I also keep an extra workbook in there so if they don’t have assigned homework I always have some type work they can do.  I hope I have provided some helpful tips for your back to school prep.

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Please share with us in the comment section some of your tried and true planning tips!




  • Adale

    August 31, 2017

    Great tips! Your organization is amazing! lol.

    • Mom-tacular

      August 31, 2017

      Thank you so much! Happy Homeschool Back-to-School!

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