About Me

Hello my name is Ericka and I am so delighted you took the time to stop by my blog today. This blog is all about inspiring moms in different stages of motherhood.

Being a blog-preneuer allows me to live my passions.  I’m passionate about building strong communities. I believe strong communities are built by building strong people.  Strong people are built by investment.  Mom-tacular invests a portion of our procedures in the community by donating new books to under funded libraries in our community. We donate learning resources to mom groups, clothing and other resources to women’s and girl’s facilities.

Where are we going?

  • In the future we would love to provide scholarships to single mothers
  • Create mom jobs.  We consider a mom job to be a job with flexible part-time hours at close to full time pay.
  • We are looking forward to hosting a Mom-tacular Day. Where moms get together for a day filled with food, fun, motivation and fellowship.
  • Reach out to moms across the globe to foster relationships

As you can see when you support the Mom-tacular brand it is not just a one stop spot.  Your support is reaching far beyond our brand touching the lives of women all over the world.  Your purchases help us invest in others.

Ericka Thornton is the mom behind the Mom-tacular. She resides in the Midwest with her husband and 3 chicas. Outside of her business degree, paralegal studies certificate and customer focused work experience, she is also a ministry school graduate and has served in the ministry of helps for over 20 years.

Thanks again for stopping by!

“You’re a Beautiful Mom in A Spectacular Way!”


For media and publication inquiries click here for my media kit, then contact me via email at momspectacular@gmail.com.