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“Blurred Vision”

Just when you thought you knew what direction you should go in only to have some life choices that blur the vision you once held so clear and dear to your heart. I had the distinct pleasure of being pushed beyond my preset limits while landing on my feet. My reward for making it through the press was letting that dream go and dreaming again.

Today I am sharing some of my story of my “Life without Law” under the title “Blurred Vision.” The complete article is part of a soul searching, thought provoking, mind shifting anthology “Crystal Clear,” that will be released later this year.

Congratulations! Erica A. Thornton, We, are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Thomas Cooley Law School.  This was the first line of the email I received from the admission counsel. When I read those words, I took a deep breath, then released a sigh of relief. As the good news settled in, I began to reflect on the series of events that led up to me receiving the news.  Applying to law school had been one of my goals for quite some time. I allowed it to sit, restless and unfulfilled, in my subconscious. I didn’t fully pursue it with focused effort.  I allowed other things to crowd out the vision I had in heart.  At times I was not clear on which direction my life should take.  I found myself suffering from a lack of clear vision.  My life sometimes made me feel like I was in the movie “The Matrix,” when Morpheus asked Neo to choose between the blue pill or red pill.  The color chosen would determine the course taken. Some many options and choices can often lead to impaired vision.

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Let’s “Bee” Productive

The level of productivity we put into our families, homes and businesses will determine the output we get. It’s not about doing more to make ourselves seem busy. It’s about doing more of the right things by managing our time better. Time is not an unlimited resources. We all get the same about of hours in a day.

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Moms’ Have Dreams Too!

WOW!! What a difference a few days can make. Two weeks ago everything was seemly fine and then the very next week our nation begin shutting down and closing up to curve worldwide pandemic. Our schools, stores and restaurants are closing and the kids far and near are home. We are under quarantine orders by our federal, state and local government. We are all now officially homeschooling parents.

Fear, pressure and anxiety is running high for most people to say the least. Grocery store shelves have been cleared of essential items, gas prices are extremely low and most people are waiting on the next Presidential address.

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Business Systems Planner

You have started your business and things are going OK but you need to put some systems in place to keep the momentum going. As always we are here to help in our Business system planner we help you develop systems to help streamline your business. This planner is great for the budding entrepreneur who is ready to take the next step.

This planner covers:

  • The Entrepreneur Spirit
  • My Business is Stuck
  • Cash Flow
  • Don’t Get Stuck
  • Business Affirmations
  • Think Tank
  • And so much more!!!

There is also a great productivity bonus pack that you get for FREE with the purchase of this planner!!!

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Girls With Goals!

Today’s world seeks to lead our young girls down winding roads that can lead to death if they are not mindful. It is not enough to be cute. The standards of beauty changes according to the worlds standards. We must teach our girls a different narrative. We must encourage them to focus on something that deeper than selfies, likes, and hearts. We should be equipping our girls to go for their goals. They should start planning now for a bright future. Let’s support, encourage and motivate our girls to go for more!

Our “Girls with Goals” planner is one of our best products yet. It addresses friendships, why it’s important to be a good team player at home, why dating can wait, and so much more. This is a must have for the tween and teen girls that you love. This planner is great for a girls bible study, a girls self-love group, or a girls book club. We would love for this planner to be used in these settings, e-mail us at for multiple license use. The list price for single use.

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BLOG Ready

You maybe thinking that Blogging has lost it’s place in the online world but that is far from the truth. Blogging is still alive and well and there is room for your voice to be heard. We have created a Blog planner to help you get a jump start on your new venture.

This is a digital product
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PDF file
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Let’s Get Down To Business

Our latest planner is a Business Kick Start Planner for all you moms out there who have a business idea that you want to start. You have been thinking about it for a long time now and it’s time to stop thinking and start doing. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t find a creative way to bring establish your identity in other areas. This Business Kick Start is a perfect purchase to bring your vision to life.

This planner will also benefit those of you who have already started your business but you need to work on the administrative side.

This planner covers:

  • Evaluating your level of expertise within your skill set
  • 5 reasons businesses fail
  • Identifying your target market
  • 2 Product pricing models
  • Set target revenue goals
  • Identify funding sources

When you purchase the Business Kick Start Planner you will receive the Business forms pack for FREE!! Once your payment has been received you will receive the bonus pack by e-mail.

Product Info:

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A picture of the future

It’s an exciting time of year. The count down to 2020 has begun and we are excited about what lies ahead. Your life is not just a collection of a random series of event but it has a unique design attached to it. There is purpose for your life and there is a valuable reason why you exist. One of the biggest challenges in life is actualizing this purpose. No worries, because as always we are here to help.

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“The Most Wonderful Time…”

All the sights, sounds, and smells of the holidays are in full swing. The “Black Friday” ads are in circulation, the store isles have been stocked to the brim and the halls have been decked. Everyone is ready!! …Are you? The holidays don’t have to seemingly sneak up on you and cause you panic and stress. Allow us to help get you prepared so you can enjoy a relaxing holiday season.

We had a lot of fun helping you plan for Thanksgiving. Christmas is up next! Order you digital copy of our Christmas Planner today!

Here’s how we can help! You don’t have to overload your current planning system. Our planning products are designed to complement what you already use. Use our planning pages to layout the big picture, then add the details to your current system.

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Thanksgiving Planner

“Happy Fall Y’all,” This is our favorite time of year. We just love the fall. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler and the sights and smells of the holidays abound. Getting prepared for the holiday season can be a little stress to your already busy life if you’re not prepared. Don’t worry we have a Thanksgiving planner designed to help you plan ahead so you are ready to enjoy your family and friend this holiday season.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a little bit of peace. Order you downloadable planner now for only $9.97

Purchase Policy

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